The cost of the service varies according to the characteristics of the property, the beds, the location and the services required.

We offer a full service: bureaucratic management (enquiries in province, municipality, La Spezia resources, prefecture), photo service of the apartment, creation of the ad and insertion in the best vacation rental sites, we provide lingerie, cleaning service, check in, check out and hospitality

We provide apartment owners the opportunity to check availability, prices and reservations of their apartment at any time, and we provide a monthly report to verify the activity and transfer the receipts.

From the fiscal point of view, you opt for the coupon, for the last one there are two options: sign the contract with the Revenue Agency or do not do so and give the coupon option at the time of the tax return.

The legislation provides for various types of communications; This legislation is in constant updating but with our experience we can simplify considerably.


Homestaging is to give the best possible appearance to your home, in order to enhance it and optimize the attractiveness of the people

Questo tipo di scelta permette la massima flessibilit√† sui tempi di permanenza(un giorno,due giorni,una settimana) e di conseguenza il rischio di non percepire il canone di locazione da parte di un inquilino √® azzerato,in quanto il pagamento e’anticipato.